Kindred Spirits: Our Oregon Republican National Committeeman and Republicans Overseas, Inc.

Kindred Spirits:
Our Oregon Republican National Committeeman and Republicans Overseas, Inc.

Solomon Yue is CEO of “Republicans Overseas, Inc” and his position there depends heavily on his Oregon Republican National Committeeman Position.

This is a serious conflict of interest: As Oregon’s National Committeeman, Solomon Yue receives guest passes from the RNC, certainly intended for his Oregon constituents. Instead, he essentially sells those passes to wealthy expats, receiving $750 for “Ambassador” membership. These “members” can then partake in quarterly conference calls, and are guests at quarterly RNC meetings and debates. Or better yet…Republicans Overseas, through Solomon Yue, sells $10,000 “Advisory Committee” membership and provides those “members” access to the regular conference calls, meetings and debates and to special RNC conference calls and VIP events.

Not one dime of this money comes back to Oregon to help our candidates.

Mr. Yue’s intermingling of organizations is no secret. Look at the signature block he uses:

Here’s the Republicans Overseas Membership page. (

So, if you’re an expat, give Solomon Yue $10,000 and he’ll get you big-time access to RNC events and people. You could expect to make some pretty good connections, don’t you think?

Bottom line, and it’s quite simple: As the Oregon Republican National Committeeman, Solomon Yue is selling access to RNC conference calls, meetings, debates, VIP events.

Could he do this if he wasn’t a National Committeeman?


One might reasonably ask, does Bill Currier, current ORP Chairman, condone this?

Mr. Yue has been working the Oregon Republican Party system for twenty years. It’s WAY PAST time for change, and it’s coming in tomorrow’s intra-party online election for National Committeeman.

I’m challenging Solomon Yue for the National Committeeman post, and so is ORP Treasurer and businessman John Lee, a personal friend and a very good man.

Stay tuned Saturday afternoon for the results of the election.

For much more detail, see Joseph Rice’s brilliant expose, simple yet shocking, released last Wednesday: