The ORP: When was Oregon Ever Great?

Facebook post of 10/17/2019

Directly on the heels of the recall failure, here’s the ORP’s latest public relations effort. It begins tonight in Roseburg. Following is the first part of an email received by Republicans in Douglas County two days ago. I’m amazed to think ORP leadership feels Oregon never was, and never will be, great…or conservative.

Wow! Am I missing something here? You tell me. Here it is. (I’ve removed some of the other details of the email in order to keep it simple, but I have NOT paraphrased this, or taken it out of context. If you want to see the entire email, ask me to send it to you):

The Power of Unity 2019 Tour, with Dynamic Speaker Lynette Wyrick

Thursday October 17, 2019, 5:30 PM
Republican Headquarters
506 SE Jackson St., Roseburg

The Myth: Make Oregon Great Again”

1. The Political History of Elected Officials in Oregon

  • When was Oregon EVER Great?
  • When was Oregon EVER conservative?”