The recall-Kate-Brown petition failure

Ten days ago, upon the heels of the ORP’s recall-Kate-Brown petition failure, Bill Currier, chairman of the state-level organization, stated more than once, and I paraphrase only slightly, that “we came within 8% of the 280,000 required valid signatures in the recall petition against Kate Brown!”

I will be diplomatic here: that was a gross exaggeration.

As of yesterday, the actual number was 130,314, less than half of Currier’s number.

The ORP’s effort obtained 46% of the signatures necessary to put the petition on a ballot.

The colossal failure had much to do with the “vote-splitting” effect of the ORP petition drive which was launched after Michael Cross’s effort was already underway, obliterating any chance of success for either petition. As you may know, this vote-splitting manipulation is standard protocol for Ruling Class “establishment” Republican politicians in primary elections.

Chair Currier also stated the ORP Executive Committee is considering implementing a second attempt at recall in the next weeks. He said, “Sometimes you have to fight twice to win once.” What would be the end result? Our Republican base would be distracted for months and then, in the end, profoundly disappointed…again. Never mind that the ORP’s already near-zero candidate cash reserves would be depleted…again, and that even if the attempt were successful – extremely improbable – in 2022 we would be facing Democrat governor Tobias Read who, as an incumbent, would be enormously more formidable than the brand-new Democrat candidate we would otherwise be facing.

There is no winning here. Only losing. Go here for more detail:

Add this recall petition boondoggle to a legacy of state-level ORP Executive Committee failures. (Especially note question #6 in this post which I published back in August):

What to do about the state Oregon Republican Party? Nothing. It has miniscule reach and is a distraction. It’s been neutered. Dealing with it is not worth the time and effort. More explanation here:

Like you, and contrary to the state ORP’s positioning,* we believe Oregon truly can be great again!

So, let’s take a new path and focus on getting the job done individually and at the ORP county level. And what is the job? In November of next year, it’s to remove the Democrat legislative super majorities in Salem and to deliver Oregon’s seven electoral votes to President Trump. Then in November 2022, we’ll turn Oregon red by winning the governorship and taking control of both chambers of the legislature.

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-Sam (and Diana)

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