Fun with Facebook Page Comments

I’m running for ORP National Committeeman, with internal ORP elections to be held on March 21st in Portland. And so the nasty social media personal attacks have begun from the tiny ORP contingent my friends and I  affectionally call  the “dirty thirty.”

Here’s some of this ORP-loyalist public Facebook chatter. Statewide, there are maybe 30-40 of these highly-vocal “moderate” state-level Republican Party supporters who think the current Solomon Yue/Bill Currier/Jeff Grossman ORP regime is terrific just-as-it-is. They incessantly blather back and forth with each other. No one else is paying attention. (Notice that there are no “Likes” on any of the comments I list below…in contrast to the 3,0000+ Likes I received  on my Facebook Page in the first two hours of my  post re the Senate Walkout back on the 26th.)

Actually, the banter is quite humorous…I think you’ll enjoy the frenzy of it.

The problem is, these nasties represent a sizable chunk of the approximately 130 Central Committee members/delegates  who will vote in the upcoming ORP/RNC Committeeman and Committeewoman elections.

And yet, maybe 500 Republicans statewide support the ORP regime as it is. This means the ORP Executive Committee interacts with literally one tenth of one percent of our 704,000 Republican base…and maybe one-third of the 150 member Central Committee thinks that’s just great. Here are the stats and full explanation.

The state ORP really is a social club. Do we really want this kind of leadership to continue?

Read the following admittedly anecdotal but real-life comments from these angry, vapid state-level ORP supporters and see what you think. The following are actual Facebook Comments a friend sent to me. I’ve given quick  anti-septic responses following each of the five separate threads:

Maria: “Evil is afoot?’ Good grief. The state-level Republican Party is already destroyed. It’s obvious to everyone. “I refused to work with others?” How could that be? I was not elected to office.

And, Maria: “Honorary Chair” is meaningless. The word “honorary” in this context signifies an unpaid ambassador/fund-raising position. Every state party that is not on the Trump2020 campaign investment roster will identify “honorary chairs.” The ORP Executive Committee has been promising a multi-million dollar Trump2020 investment since last Spring. That was a year ago. It’s not happened because, quite simply, state Oregon Republican Party leadership is a joke.

Yes, Maria regarding the “loud” point you make. Our blog reaches 100,000 people per week. You reach 15-20. The ORP facebook Page? It might reach 5,000 in a good week. Re John Lee: He’s a good man. And Darlene, leave Marylin Shannon alone. After 40 years as a loyal Republican, she doesn’t deserve your silly accusation on the heels of her obscene dismissal.

And, tell me who I have personally accused of anything that is not true. Bill Currier, Solomon Yue and Buehler? Give me details of anything I’ve said that is not true. Mostly I’ve defended myself against attacks, just like I’m doing here.

Nothing much here except to note Egner’s thoughtful  “ding bat f’ing nitwits” and “sucking Cross off” remarks. BTW, I have not talked to Michael Cross in a year, just met Paul Romero, and have nothing to do his campaign or with the Joey Nation’s campaign. Nor are any one of those three involved in any way with what I do. There’s no “conspiracy” of some kind. Maybe it seems like a conspiracy because 95% of Oregon Republicans prefer new leadership at the ORP and they are tired of being quiet about it. The real conspiracy is that 5% of Republican RINOs control the other 95% of Republicans who are true conservatives.

Carol: John Lee is on “the wrong side of history?” OMG. You are a historian?

Maria: Why not ask your “really hard questions” right now? So far, all you people do is call me names and accuse me of being a liar, just as Buehler did in the 2018 gubernatorial. Here’s the length I had to go to defend myself. None of you, including Buehler,  have ever indicated one actual  instance of me telling a lie! Not once. How come? It’s because I do my research and I don’t tell lies.

Instead, maybe the state ORP should answer some questions, like the 12 listed here. NO ONE from the ORP Executive Committee has EVER addressed even one of those questions.

Egner: nice language. Who exactly did I talk “s**t” about? Give me specifics.

I have been a donor friend of WLN and Richard Burke for many years. Why would I bad-mouth him or his guests? You have evidence that I did that? No, you don’t.

Karen: The ORP did not support Donald Trump until January 2019. Passing a Trump-supporting resolution now is meaningless. The ORP is on-record (see page 193, here), as being anti-Trump until they discovered it was politically stupid in the face of my challenge in the executive elections of February of that year.

Me? I endorsed Donald Trump in April 2016, way before he became President and nearly three years before the state-ORP got a clue.

The ORP needs a full-time, paid Executive Director, Chairman and office assistant. I know this is true because one of my businesses is as a consultant fixing struggling businesses (nearly 1,000 across the U.S and Canada in the past eight years, with zero failures,) and I’ve written a bestselling book, now in its third edition, about just that. The ORP needs serious leadership. Period.

None of those paid people would be me. And note that for years  the state-ORP has been paying rent (at $1,500 per month most recently) for an office space that is NEVER open to the public. Part time, incompetent Republican leadership without even an office presence is never going to get us anywhere. Never has. That’s why we’re where we are. Why would we want to continue to do what we’ve been doing” It’s clearly way past time. for change.

Solomon Yue, the Wizard-of-Oz behind the ORP curtain?  That’s a whole story into itself.